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April 13, 2010

Job-hunting completely alters one’s sense of the relationship between effort and results; long shots and shoo-ins get pretty hard to tell apart. I’ve applied for scores of jobs that looked absolutely perfect for my background and experience, and never heard back; one might as well fold resumes into paper boats and sail them up the Hudson. (Hey, it would be a lot more fun!) After a few months of this, buying lottery tickets can actually start to look tempting—how different can the odds be? (more…)


A Job Interview Opens My Eyes

March 17, 2010

Yesterday, I was sent by a temp agency for a job interview in lower Manhattan for a part-time position: as a proofreader and reader for someone whose daily dealings involve some of the most complex and impenetrable agencies both within and outside the government. He happens to be legally blind. (No, it’s not who you think.) (more…)

Launching Into the Blogosphere

March 14, 2010

I’m unemployed. This is something new for me, after having been at my last job for 15 years. I’m a writer. This is not new; I’ve been a writer ever since I submitted a story about the arrival of our rambunctious Irish terrier puppy to one of my mother’s magazines (probably Ladies’ Home Journal or McCalls) and received a sweetly encouraging rejection letter. (Did they know I was a teenager? I had not yet learned most rejection letters were perfunctory.) (more…)